The Language Of Flowers – Know What They Convey

The Language Of Flowers - Know What They Convey

Flowers play a special role in making events like weddings and funerals more memorable. They add beauty and elegance to the occasion, and can also be used to create a unique look or theme for the event.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, flowers have been used for centuries to convey messages and emotions. People use flowers to express love, appreciation, congratulations, condolences, and more.

Flowers have a language of their own. Each type of flower has a different meaning, and the colours of flowers can also add to their message.

Let us delve deeper and explore the secret language of flowers.


Ancient Egyptians used roses to offer to their gods and used them in funerals too. By the time Christianity arrived, roses had stood for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, with red roses representing Christ’s sacrifice. Red roses are also most commonly associated with love and romance. They are given on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and as a way to say ‘I love you.’

Besides red, roses come in many other colours, each with their own meaning. White roses represent purity and innocence. They are often given as gifts for new babies, graduations, weddings, and also presented at funerals.

Yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship. They are given as a sign of appreciation or as a congratulations gift. Orange roses signify enthusiasm and desire. These make great get-well soon flowers or flowers to give to someone to show your support.

Purple roses stand for love at first sight and enchantment. As purple roses are rare, they were used by royalty in the past. If you receive a bouquet of purple roses, it means that the person who gifted them thinks highly of you.

Baby’s Breath

This flower got its name as baby’s breath from it being used widely for baby shower events. It used to be a staple flower in the Victorian era because people loved its light lacy floral blooms.

These flowers are an embodiment of everlasting love, absolute purity, and innocence. Baby’s breath are often used in centrepieces and wedding bouquets to express one’s love and care.

These flowers come in a wide range of colours, apart from the dyed ones. White baby’s breath represents spirituality and unity. It is commonly gifted during special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, and christenings.

Blue baby’s breath means respect and honesty. It can be given to express your respect and to someone whom you trust. Pink baby’s breath represents femininity and affection. They are often gifted at baby showers of a female newborn.

Cotton Flower

The cotton flower is known as a lucky symbol in many parts of the world. It is said to bring good health and fortune to the person who possesses it. Hence, cotton flowers are often gifted to wish someone a happy and prosperous life.

In Korean culture, the meaning of the cotton flower is ‘to cherish.’ It is mostly associated with the love of a mother. Thus, cotton flowers are great gifts for mothers.


The Latin word ‘corono-ae’ means ‘garland, crown, wreath or chaplet.’ Thus, from there, the word came to be ‘carnation.’

Carnations have a long and rich history. These were the unique flowers used in Roman and Greek ceremonial crowns. From there, the carnation flower is known to be fit for royalty.

Carnations are also known as ‘bouquet flowers’ because they are mostly used in bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. Red carnations represent deep love and admiration, while pink carnations represent motherly love. A bouquet of pink carnations make the perfect bouquet for a Mother’s Day celebration.

White carnations signify purity and good luck. In Singapore, they are also used in funeral services as a symbol of eternal love and remembrance.


Lily originated from the Latin word ‘lilium.’ White lilies are often chosen for weddings because they represent purity and a fresh life. They are also symbols of innocence and new beginnings. For these reasons, white lilies are often used as decorations or given as gifts at weddings.

White lilies also represent rebirth. Hence, they are chosen for funerals and are also called sympathy flowers.

Pink lilies, on the other hand, symbolize admiration, love, and femininity. You can give pink lilies to your mother and female friends as a sign of appreciation for all she has done for you.

Flowers sure have a lot of meanings, don’t they? It’s enough to make your head spin!

Whether it is for love, appreciation, or simply as a kind gesture, flowers are always a great way to show your support and care. If you are looking to send someone flowers as a gift, consider what they mean when deciding which one would best suit your needs!

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