Sunflower Meaning

Picture of a woman standing in a field filled with beautiful bright sunflowers.

What is a sunflower?

Sunflower is also known as Helianthus. They are grown usually with a tall height, however, if we happen to purchase locally from Singapore it is always trimmed shorter for convenience. The sunflower represents longevity in having a strong relationship. Cheerful, joyful and strength even though there is a hardship, which relates to sunflower maintaining its full bloom during the hottest day. Its vibrant colors will brighten any mood and lift a person up to overcome their adversities.

Chinese believes it is representative of lasting happiness and luck. The sunflower brightens up any room with its warm distinct colors.
Sunflower Bouquets are commonly seen as a gift for graduation, birthday,
encouragement and compassion. It serves as a congratulatory gift by
overcoming a milestone in life, an achievement or giving strength to
continue in pursuing life purposes. Sunflower is suitable for all


3 Tips for bigger blooms

If you’ve bouquet a fresh sunflower that is not fully bloom, we would
recommend certain methods.
1.    You can fully submerge the sunflower head into a pail of water and
it will be more bloom if you require it urgently.
2.    Trim the stems up to two inches and place it under the sun.
3.    Trim the stems up to two inches and place it in a vase of warm water.


Tips to maintain freshness

For sunflower to preserve freshness, do trim an inch every day and change
the water in the vase every second day. This is to prevent the flower stem
from getting rot. Do not forget to trim away most of the leaves it not the
flower would not be able to absorb water fully as the leaves will be
absorbing most of the water. Click here for a more detailed guide.


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