Artificial Dwarf Betel Nut Palm Tree

The artificial dwarf Betel Nut palm tree is a lifelike and maintenance-free replica that brings the beauty of tropical palms into your space. With its realistic design and hassle-free care, this palm tree is a perfect choice for adding a touch of tropical ambiance and greenery to any setting.

A single-stemmed, tropical palm, prominently marked with scars of fallen fronds in a regular ring pattern. Its foliage are glossy green, feather-shaped coming out from a green crownshaft that curve inward with a few lowest leaflets often hanging.

The palm is also used for landscaping in large areas such as malls and hotels and is often seen as an ornamental tree.


Plant Color:Green

Base Shape:Round

Base Type:Pot

Outdoor Use:Yes

Product Care:Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

Height: ~4 Feet

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