Artificial Sansevieria plant in White Ceramic Vase ~95cm

Elevate your indoor space with this stunning artificial Sansevieria plant in a white ceramic vase. Standing at approximately 95cm tall, this plant provides a touch of greenery without the hassle of maintenance.

The Sansevieria plant is commonly called “Mother-in-law’s tongue” because of the shape and sharp margins of its leaves.

The foliage is stiff, thick, broad, and upright, in a dark green color variegated with yellow striping.

These succulent leaves are arranged in a rosette.

This plant is often ornamented with dragons and phoenixes and presented as a gift during opening ceremonies of businesses or other auspicious events.



Plant Color: Green with yellow stripes

Base Shape: Round

Base Type:White Ceramic Vase

Outdoor Use:Yes

Product Care:Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

Height : ~95cm

Width: ~40cm

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