Artificial Aglaonema Plant

The aglaonema ,which is generally known as Chinese evergreen, is a highly decorative houseplant due to its fantastic color variations and delicate markings.The name Aglaonema derives from the Greek which combines ‘agláos’ (shining) and ‘néma’ (thread) together.

This plant has thick, leathery leaves alternately clasp on the long leaf stems. The leaves are narrowly lance-shaped or oval. Most are beautifully marked with various silver, white or gray patterned variegation.

Traditionally, aglaonema has been associated with good luck or something auspicious.

Plant Type:Aglaonema


Plant Color:Green

Base Shape:Round

Base Type:Pot

Outdoor Use:Yes

Product Care:Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

Height : ~ 2 Feet