Faux flowers or Fresh Flowers for your Wedding

Faux flowers or Fresh Flowers for your Wedding

An example will be a wedding bouquet, which requires advance order due to seasonal flowers and wide varieties of flowers to be bunched together. Many of us, when we think of flowers, the immediate response will be fresh flowers. However, due to the lifespan of the flowers, there are alternatives to get your flowers done up without disappointments. We will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of fresh flowers as well as faux flowers. This is to narrow the decision-making on suitable usage of flowers for your memorable day.

Faux Flowers

Faux flowers: You can provide yourself or the wedding planner the flexibility of time, as artificial flowers do not require water and do not spoil easily. Having the luxury of time, it inevitably reduces wedding preparation stress, which allows us to focus more on the details. On top of that, we do not require much attention to the quality or the freshness of the flowers. With the luxury of time, it will certainly prevent any hip-cups during the wedding ceremony, which nobody wants.

With technology improving over time, the faux flowers are improving in terms of looks and touch. The realistic improvement of faux flowers is allowing people to replace the need for fresh flowers over time. Humans are starting to have difficulties differentiating which are artificial and fresh.

Choosing artificial flowers is hassle-free, as we do not have to wait for the seasonal flowers to be available before we start preparing for the occasion or deviating from our decoration plan. On top of that, we do not risk exposure of allergen to your guests as well as yourself as we need not need to check on the allergies. Apart from that, little maintenance is required. Dusting or washing of artificial flowers can be carried out once a month as compared to fresh flowers which require almost daily attention and care. Apart from that, flowers used for a particular occasion can still be brought home and to be rearranged to a whole new setting to avoid wastage. Just a little washing and drying, it will be all new to be displayed again. Also, we can control our budget on the floral decoration as artificial flowers are priced with quality. We can purchase more flowers of lower qualities with a luxury presentation. However, if you are going for an entirely high level of presentation, it would cost way more than fresh flowers. Artificial flowers can be of plastic, silk, latex, wooden. Prices are highly dependent on the material used, the details of the flowers and as well as the texture.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers: Naturally, anyone would want fresh flowers, a show of splendid luxury and fragrance which enhances the whole atmosphere, especially the wedding. A great sense and mesmerizing details of each and individual flowers that differ from another. Each flower carries a unique scent that freshens the mood of every attendee. We do have to ensure its freshness of every flower to prevent the disappointment of the big occasion. We will wish to bring out the outermost beauty of the arrangements. To ensure flower quality and freshness, we will have to order in advance.

Trimming of flower stems to preserve the flowers to ensure it does not wither before the event starts. Many might find it time-consuming and a hassle by paying attention to the flowers. One of the concerns is we do not know if our guests are allergic to any particular flowers. It is best to avoid flowers that carry pollen. (E.g. Sunflower, Lily)

In conclusion, we would recommend artificial flowers over fresh flowers as it reduces stress as well as hassle-free. It is also easy to handle due to its flexibility; it does not create a mess. Preparation time is crucial as it is time-consuming, and you will require more spare fresh flowers if flowers are done up wrongly or broken by accidents. It is ultimately up to personal preference in using the flowers. Flowers can never do wrong for any occasion, but choosing the right flowers can sometimes be very tedious.

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