How to clean artificial flowers & plants from everyday dust?

  1. Cleaning of Artificial Silk Flowers:A weekly dusting of Artificial Silk flowers using a Micro-fibre cloth/rag,feather duster. Ensure that dusting is done outside otherwise, the dustwill remain in an enclosed room. Vacuuming of Artificial Silk flowers ispreferred. A monthly wash will be preferred to ensure the cleanliness of the flowers.Firstly, we will have a pail […]

Baby’s Breaths Meaning

Baby Breaths / Gypsophila Name and Meanings Baby’s breath flowers are native to Eastern Europe. They are generally called Gypsophila. The reason why it is widely known as Baby’s Breath is that it’s charming and innocence look which resembles a little baby.    In Singapore, the common Baby’s Breath flowers are million stars, Xlence and […]

(3 Proven Tips) on making your flower bouquet last longer

A bunch of flowers is commonly presented as a gift of love, appreciation,congratulatory, graduation, wedding, decoration and memorial. Anyone would want their flowers to have a prolong lifespan while preserving the fresh image of each individual blooms as well as fillers. How do we go about preserving the lifespan of a bunch of beautiful blooms? […]

6 Flowers You Need For Your Wedding

A wedding is a special ceremony that legally unites two people who have fallen in love. Planning for such an extravagant event can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is choosing the right flowers, which must coordinate with the décor and venue. There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing flowers […]

Choosing The Right Flowers For Different Occasions

Flowers make a great gift regardless of the occasion. However, it is pertinent to realize that each flower is best for a specific situation. For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to give someone a bunch of roses for a funeral. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the best flowers for each unique scenario. […]