6 Flowers You Need For Your Wedding

A beautiful wedding bouquet featuring a mix varieties of various fresh flowers.

A wedding is a special ceremony that legally unites two people who have fallen in love. Planning for such an extravagant event can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is choosing the right flowers, which must coordinate with the décor and venue. There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing flowers for a wedding. With your special day only a short time away, you will not have time to delay. Sit down with your significant other, so you can review your options. Make sure the flowers reflect your personality and taste.

Exploring The Meaning Of Roses

Love is a grand thing and that is one of the main reasons for having a wedding. With that being said, there truly is no better way to show your bride or groom that you love him or her than with red roses. While roses are available in a variety of different colors, red symbolizes love, pink represents passion, and white roses can mean purity. So, any way you look at it, roses are truly a grand gesture for any wedding, regardless of the color you choose. Any time you think of a wedding flower, roses are one of the first flowers that pop into mind, and it really is easy to understand why. They have been inspiring individuals for a wide number of years now and will continue to do so until the end of time. Not only do the colors of roses have their own universal language, but the numbers of roses you choose can have a representation as well.


Another very popular wedding flower is the hydrangea. This full-bodied flower is tightly packed with petals and represents preservation and heartfelt emotion. This is why the hydrangea is a must have for any wedding, but the benefits of this unique flower don’t stop there. The hydrangea was first discovered in Japan and the name hydrangea actually stems from the Greek words “hydor” and “angos”. Hydor means water and angos means jar or vessel. This is one of the aspects that makes the hydrangea perfect for any type of centerpiece.

Throughout your quest for the perfect wedding flower, you will find that hydrangeas usually grow in a single color per plant, but changing up the pH levels can cause them to change color. With that being said, the pink hydrangea is a good representation of romance and heartfelt emotion. Blue is asking for forgiveness, and white means purity just like the rose.


Peonies have been utilized as the floral symbol of China for many decades. It is also Indiana’s state flower and it is no wonder why. Many couples will choose to incorporate peonies into their wedding arrangements because they are considered the flower of honor and riches. The beautiful, lush bloom embodies not only prosperity but also romance and love. If you are looking to ensure you have a happy marriage for the rest of your life and good fortune, be sure to envelop peonies into your wedding décor, bouquet and table arrangements.

Peonies are also the flower for the 12th wedding anniversary. Legend has it that peonies are named after the physician of gods, Paeon. The mother of Apollo presented Paeon with a peony on Mount Olympus.

Traditional peonies come in an array of colors, including pink, red, rose and white, Itoh peonies offer a variety of shades, including deep purple, bright yellow, coral and mahogany. They also offer a unique fragrance, one that you will never forget.

Calla Lilies

The calla lily is very similar to other types of lilies, but it also a little bit different. First and foremost, both share the same trumpet shape. The calla lily is enormously popular because it is often a focal point of Art Deco and Art Nouveau masterpieces. In the 20th century, calla lilies became very popular amongst photographers of the time. There are two common types of calla lilies and both will work great for weddings of all types. There is a long version, which works exceptionally well for tall arrangements.

If you’re interested in putting together a smaller arrangement, you should definitely opt for the miniature version of the calla lily. These flowers are available in numerous colors, including creamy ivory, orange, yellow, pink and even dark purple. For classic weddings, you’ll be wise to choose the creamy ivory option.

Tulips, Baby’s Breaths

If you really want to give the couple a surprise and a delight, you will want to consider blessing them with tulips and baby’s breath. These two flowers work great together and they actually complement one another. The tulip is a perfect choice because this flower symbolizes love and many happy years to come. Simultaneously, they’re available in a variety of beautiful colors, including white, cream, pink, yellow, and peach. Some are even magenta and purple. You should have no trouble matching the tulips to the bride’s wedding dress, which is highly recommended.

The baby’s breath flower is normally pink or white. They can grow 6 inches to 8 feet and can expand over four foot in width. When combined with tulips, the baby’s breaths will create the perfect arrangement for almost any wedding. This combination is often recommended for classic and beach weddings, but it will work great for almost any occasion.


Lilies work exceptionally well for weddings. Lilies are available in a wide variety of colors, so this makes them perfect for all types of weddings, regardless of theme or color scheme. This trumpet-shaped flower can be found in orange, red, pink or even yellow. These colors work great because they symbolize hope. In return, this can help you bless the bride and groom with a bright future. Lilies are elegant and pure. On top of that, they’re incredibly beautiful.

If you’re interested in providing the bride and groom with a tall arrangement that will overshadow the other floral displays, you’ll definitely want to stick with lilies. Another major perk associated with the lily is the fact that it can be cared for fairly easily. This combination makes lilies a great option for those couples planning for an upcoming wedding.

Conclusion: Choosing the right flowers for your wedding is an important decision that can enhance the overall atmosphere and style of your special day. From classic roses and peonies to elegant lilies and orchids, each flower brings its own unique beauty to the occasion. Consider incorporating these six must-have flowers into your wedding decor to create a stunning and memorable floral display that reflects your personal style and adds an extra touch of romance to your celebration.

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